Upcoming Events

May 5th, 2023 – Electric Jelly “ArtCity Studios” 160 E Broadway, Eugene, OR

June 2nd, 2023 – Electric Jelly “ArtCity Studios” 160 E Broadway, Eugene, OR


The Fuzzy Beuys [pronounced: fUHz-ee byOO-eez] is a collaborative and innovative artist collective founded by media artists Terry Holloway and Ian Coronado. The collective’s mission is to bring wonder and levity to public spaces through unique, immersive experiences that incorporate projected visuals, designed pressure waves, and interactive installation elements. The Fuzzy Beuys perform in both interstitial and public spaces, aiming to create transformative experiences that immerse and overwhelm audiences with joy and wonder.

Since its inception, The Fuzzy Beuys have evolved to include a diverse group of media artists who contribute to the collective’s evolving performances and installations. Their past works have included improvised video and musical performances, as well as public video installations.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and don’t miss the chance to experience The Fuzzy Beuys for yourself.

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Performances and Installations

Fuzzy Beuys Present: Duality at Pickathon Music Festival
Fuzzy Beuys Present: Darksides with Rortron at Kesey Square in Eugene
Fuzzy Beuys Present: Halloween Surprise in Eugene
Fuzzy Beuys Present: Ghosts in the Attic in Springfield
Fuzzy Beuys Present: All Hallows Eugene in Eugene
Fuzzy Beuys Present: Song of My Cyborg Self in Springfield
Fuzzy Beuys Present: Mind at Large in Eugene